Oreact-CLI: Introduction

Oreact-CLI helps you get started developing and deploying a full stack Oreact application in just a few seconds.

Oreact-CLI is a tool that abstracts all complex configuration needed for SSR into a single dependency--giving you the awesome developer experience of create-react-app. Oreact CLI takes the pain out of starting a new project, getting you up and running instantly with a minimal and understandable project structure.

It's powered by the same Open Source tools you know and love, just without the need to configure anything - Webpack, Babel, Tailwind, Razzle, etc. Everything from hot-reloading to critical CSS inlining is set up optimally for you.


Oreact CLI comes with the following features out of the box.

  • Universal Hot Module Replacement, so both the client and server update whenever you make edits. No annoying restarts necessary.
  • Comes with your favorite ES6 JavaScript goodies
  • Fully automatic code splitting for routes.
  • loadable-components powered transparently code-split any component.
  • Escape hatches for customization via .babelrc and razzle.config.js
  • Zero-configuration server-side rendering hydration.
  • Support for CSS Modules, LESS, Sass, Stylus; with Autoprefixer.
  • Orup powered single command deployment to anywhere.

If that sounds something that interests you read our Getting started section.